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When the word "Python" is said aloud, you wouldn't be wrong to envision a giant snake with smooth, scaly skin and a flickering tongue. However, Python has taken on a whole new meaning during our technological age — a whole new language, even. And while we may have nightmares about Pythons (the snake) slithering up through our pipes, into our toilet bowls, and nipping us in the, well, you know (true story!), our Python (the coding language) can make your life a dream.

This Ultimate Python & Artificial Intelligence Certification Bundle features nine courses covering web development, artificial intelligenceneural networks, deep learning, data visualization and machine learning. Each course is led by programming and web development experts with years of experience under their belts. This includes Minerva Singh, a data scientist who uses Python to carry out extensive data analysis. With 38 hours of content in Python, Keras, PyTorch, R, and more, these courses will equip you with both knowledge and hands-on experience to start a new career path or take your current one to the next level. 


Ironically enough, Python wasn't named after our slithery friend. It seems that Guido van Rossom, the fellow who conceived the coding language, was also a fan of "Monty Python's Flying Circus." He wanted a short, unique, and slightly mysterious name, and "Python" fit the bill.

That was about 40 years ago, and since then, Python has become the top programming language used by coders worldwide. It is easy to learn and use. It's versatile, efficient and reliable. It lends itself perfectly to the world of cloud computingmachine learning and big data. In addition, it offers hundreds of Python libraries and a large supportive community. These reasons, among many others, attribute to its popularity and reinforce why you should learn Python if you have any interest in data science.

There is a high demand in the United States for Python developers, with companies such as Intel, IBM, NASA, Pixar, Netflix, Facebook, JP Morgan Chase, Spotify and Google widely using the popular coding language. Salaries average approximately $120K per year.

Typically valued at almost $1,800, lifetime access to this comprehensive bundle can be yours for only $39.99. Based on the above-average salary, that's less than one hour's worth of work.


Prices subject to change.

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