Prepare For Any Weather This Season With This Wireless Weather Station, Now $38

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Watching the weather has been a daily practice for centuries. Many people use weather forecasts to determine simple, yet necessary things like what to wear on a particular day, what outings to partake in and even what time to leave for work — after all, rainier days can definitely impact traffic. An anticipated snowfall could mean packing extra gear to wear inside and out, and no one wants to be caught off guard when the weather changes. Put another way, without a forecast someone could be caught out in the rain—literally. 

Sure, that weather app on your phone works just fine, but what about those days you rush out the door without even checking our phones? That large clock beside your bed keeps you on time, but it gives absolutely no clue about the weather. Instead, you could find yourself parked in your car, right outside of work, wearing nothing but a lightweight sweater that's moments away from being waterlogged with a torrential downpour. This sad, but likely scenario could have been avoided if you had this BALDR Atomic Wireless Weather Station by your side. 


The BALDR Atomic Wireless Weather Station is the answer to all of your weather-related issues. Get a clear reading of indoor and outdoor temperature on this easy-to-install, highly visible, battery-operated weather system. With its large and vibrant color display, you’ll always catch a glimpse of the weather before heading out the door. For a continuous and seamless weather update, simply plug your weather station into the power adapter and enjoy. 

The station includes one outdoor sensor to monitor the temperature, humidity and weather data from the past 24-hour. Its weather forecast feature displays up to five kinds of weather: sunny, sunny to cloudy, cloudy, rainy and snowy — all the elements are covered, so you'll never be caught off guard.

Prepare yourself for killer weather conditions with the BALDR Atomic Wireless Weather Station. Normally $41, you can grab it now for just $37.99.

Prices subject to change.