Pre-Black Friday Savings: Understand Circuits And Master Simulation With This $51 Training

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It's hard not to love electronics. They quite literally power our modern lives, but have you thought about what makes them tick? Circuit boards, circuit design and circuit simulation are three terms that might not get you out of bed in the morning just yet, but you'll soon discover them if you want to progress from amateur circuit designer to master? Circuit simulations are an easy and powerful way to “check your work”, so stop playing “what if” and start testing your work quickly and efficiently.


Circuit simulation is a process in which a model of an electronic circuit is created and analyzed using various algorithms, which can then predict and verify the behavior and performance of the circuit. Meanwhile, Circuit design is the process of working out the physical form that an electronic circuit will take. Have we lost you yet? No worries. That’s why we are offering The Complete Circuit Design & Simulation Super Bundle

Enjoy 19 hands-on courses and 398 lessons with lifetime access so you can learn at your own pace and revisit material whenever necessary. You'll learn all about (SMT) Surface Mount Technology and soldering Surface Mount, master electronic troubleshooting and maintenance, make your own Arduino Shield, enter the world of 3D simulation and PIC microcontroller simulation and much more. 

We may have lost you, but Educational Engineering — an e-learning course provider that specializes in microcontrollers — lives for this kind of stuff. They are hosting this super bundle to teach you first-hand knowledge of the world of circuit design. Each course comes with a 4+ star rating from previous student reviews, so you can rest assured that you're learning the right skills from the best instructors.

Learning new technologies and skills can be daunting, but with Educational Engineering you can rest assured that techniques and lessons are user-friendly and easy to understand. Right now, you can grab the Complete Circuit Design & Simulation Super Bundle for just $50.99 using promo code SAVE15NOV.  


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