Pre-Black Friday Savings Means You Can Learn A New Language For Under $20

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Ever tried to learn a new language? Yup, we know — it’s hard. Well, it was hard, until now. Speaking two languages gives you so many more opportunities than only speaking one. It’s true, and here are five good reasons you need to get started mastering another tongue: You can experience new cultures, build your social network, communicate better overall, improve brain activity and score better employment opportunities. 


Really want to learn a new language, but don’t know where to start? Easy. With this lifetime subscription deal to uTalk Language Education, you can choose one language from a library of over 140 options to learn from any device, anywhere you want. uTalk approaches learning a language in a way the simply makes learning exciting and easy. Yup, some language tools out there are complicated and super time-consuming, but uTalk is totally different. You will be speaking keywords and phrases in almost no time at all, and you will see results immediately. 

Some things you'll discover include how to overcome language barriers, use practical vocabulary, verify your learning through gameplay and much more. The app lets you learn from real native speakers, and you can even ask them to slow down to develop perfect pronunciation. uTalk can be used online or offline, so no matter where you are, you can practice and sound like a local in no time. 

Need further convincing? uTalk Language Education rates 4.35 stars on IOS App Store and won the Queen’s Award for Innovation and Export. Plus, there are over 30 million users, so you know this language tool is a top choice.

Sure, there are a ton of language applications, books and software — you name it, it’s out there. But if you are looking for success, check out uTalk. For a limited time, you can grab this lifetime subscription to one language with uTalk Language Education for $18.01 using Pre-Black Friday coupon code SAVE15NOV.


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