Superintendent Of Yellowstone Says White House Forced Him Out Of Job Due To Pro-Wildlife Views

Superindendent Dan Wenk Yellowstone National Park/Flickr Public Domain

Zinke is a former Congressman for Montana and many believe he is working in cahoots with ranchers and lobbyists for the cattle industry, who are concerned the park's wild bison could spread the brucellosis disease to livestock. (FYI, there have been no reported cases of this happening.)

But Wenk could be just the first in a long line of "reassignments". Jon Jarvis, former park service national director, told The Guardian, “Dan [Wenk] was set up as the first domino to fall.” He believes it is part of a concerted effort to wear down the culture of conservation in the US's national parks and pave the way for monetary and industrial exploitation of the land.

Recently, an investigation found that at least 16 senior officials believe their reassignments have been politically motivated and a product of their own work on climate change and conservation. Because the Interior Department has not given any reason for the decisions, the inspector general was not able to determine whether or not anything illegal had occurred. 

Grizzlies can also be found roaming the national park. Elliot Hurwitt/Shutterstock
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