Scientists Peer Review The Trump Administration: "It's Gone From A War On Science To A War On Facts"

Science is under attack. Drop of Light/Shutterstock

“It's gone from a war on science to a war on facts,” said Shaughnessy Naughton, a chemical scientist and 314’s founder.

“The president is instructing Federal Agencies to ignore the science behind climate change,” she adds. “This is not only a threat to environmental and social issues but also a threat to our national security.”

Jess Phoenix, a volcanologist running for Congress, has always had strong words for the federal government, and this time round was no exception.

“Using our brains is the reason for much of America’s success. If you hobble someone’s intellect – if you tell them to not use their brains – you are making people slaves to an ideology. In this case, the ideology is profit, profit, profit,” she tells us.

“We believe what we’re fighting for. We have the courage of our conviction. All the people on the other side? All they have is profit.”


Referencing the EPA, she explains that the government is systematically dismantling it. “There will be some irreparable and irreversible damage. It’ll be on their heads, but they’ll be rich enough – or they’ll be dead – so that it won’t hurt them. But it’ll hurt our kids.”

“The current EPA under Pruitt and Trump is a perversion of the organization’s fundamental mission,” she concludes.

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