Rick Perry's Latest Thoughts About Fossil Fuels Will Make Your Brain Ache

Oops he did it again. Gage Skidmore/Flickr; CC BY-SA 2.0

At the same speech, Perry also spoke of the Trump administration’s urge to “share America’s energy bounty with the world,” which included “multiple fuels.” Despite touting an “all of the above” energy strategy – a well-worn talking point – it’s clear that the administration is trying to support the coal industry as much as possible, through drastic funding changes, clean energy rollbacks, and its general messaging strategy.

This includes not just undermining climate science, but also using decidedly sketchy claims that fossil fuels “save lives” and even prevent sexual assault.

This latest egregious word salad of Perry’s follows a similar theme: He’s once again using the flimsy veil of supporting low-income nations in the development of their electrical infrastructure to awkwardly justify the promotion of coal.

Despite such promotions, it’s unlikely they’ll do much other than stall the inevitable. Forget low-income nations for the moment: the future of the US energy sector, based on current adoption rates and their affordability, is more natural gas and more renewables, not coal – there’s no question about it.


Perry can claim that economic development is hampered by moving away from fossil fuels all he wants, but it doesn’t reflect reality no matter where in the world you are. Clean energy isn’t just "moral" in a mitigating climate change sense, it also gives you trillions in savings and creates more jobs than fossil fuels ever could.

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