Nicaragua May Soon Sign The Paris Agreement - Leaving The US And Syria As The Only Two Countries Not In It


They also argue that richer nations should do more to cover the cost of climate change because they have benefited more from industrialization and done more to increase global carbon dioxide levels. And, they point out, it is developing nations who will be the worst affected.

The 2017 Global Climate Risk Index named Nicaragua the fourth-most-at-risk-nation in the world when it comes to climate change. Honduras, Myanmar, and Haiti made the top three.

According to the Climate Action Programme, Nicaragua already gets 50 percent of its electricity from renewable sources and they plan to expand this to 90 percent by 2020. Signing up to the accord won't make a huge amount of difference on a practical level, but would make a powerful symbolic gesture.

"When the only country left in the world that hasn't signed the Paris Agreement is Syria, President Trump's decision to withdraw from the accord stands out like a sore thumb," David Waskow, WRI's international climate director, told IFLScience. "The Trump Administration’s reputation as a climate loner deepens even further."

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