France Is Poaching US Scientists With $70 Million Anti-Trump Climate Grants

Macron is arguably Europe's strongest climate adovate. Frederic Legrand - COMEO/Shutterstock

As reported by the Associated Press, one American researcher explained that the program “gave me such a psychological boost,” adding that in the US, scientists feel they have to hide what they do.

This announcement follows on from Macron’s pledge that the UN climate programs abandoned by the US – including the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – will be fully funded by European states.

“They will not miss a single euro,” he said at the time. He also announced that all French coal power plants will be shut down by 2021.

The state of affairs in the US couldn’t be more different. Although Congress is maintaining a science funding firewall to some degree despite Trump’s wishes to slash it, the White House is still continuing to replace scientists with fossil fuel and petrochemical industry executives, while demoting and censoring those that remain.

Climate science is unequivocally being suppressed in the US, with phrases like “climate change” and “global warming” being discouraged, particularly when it comes to funding grants. Most egregiously, America stands as the only country to reject the groundbreaking Paris agreement after a last-minute signature and ratification by war-torn Syria.


The fact that it’s a surprise that a Trump nominee recently (albeit reluctantly) accepted the finding of a major US report linking humanity to climate change is profoundly grim.

France and other major European nations, including Germany, have been eschewing the White House for some time. Back in June, they announced – along with China – that they would bypass the President and work directly with the states and businesses in America that are still supporting the Paris agreement.

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