Government Scientist Blows Whistle On Trump Administration Then Resigns In Fiery Letter

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Then, he talks about the department reorganization and the waste of taxpayer money it would have involved. “[R]eassigning and training me as an auditor when I have no background in that field will involve an exorbitant amount of time and effort on the part of my colleagues, incur significant taxpayer expense, and create a situation in which these talented specialists are being led by someone without experience in their field," he continued.

He also highlights the administration's point-blank refusal to even acknowledge climate change. "It is well known that you, Deputy Secretary David Berhardt, and President Trump are shackled to special interests such as oil, gas, and mining," he said. "You are unwilling to lead on climate change, and cannot be trusted with our nation’s natural resources.”

Finally, he calls on Zinke to resign.

"You have not silenced me; I will continue to be an outspoken advocate for action, and my voice will be part of the American chorus calling for your resignation so that someone loyal to the interests of all Americans, not just special interests, can take your job.”

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