Congress Defies Trump And Gives Federal Science Agencies Huge Spending Increase

Sad. Andrew Cline/Shutterstock

Robin Andrews 22 Mar 2018, 18:40

Matt Hourihan, a fiscal budget expert at AAAS, remarked via Twitter that “assuming they pass this thing (please Congress pass this thing), this White House is 0-for-2 on annual science budgets,” referring to Trump’s similar defeat at the hands of lawmakers late last year.

As Hourihan notes in a follow-up article, "the FY 2018 omnibus appears to be the most generous regular appropriations bill in 17 years for research," all the more remarkable when you consider the current political climate.

This means the Trump administration – one that spent 2017 making unprecedented attacks on federal science – has just suffered an embarrassing defeat. Somewhat thrillingly, all being well, the final bill will be delivered to the Oval Office, where the president will have to sign it himself.


The White House has recently set out its grim ambitions for the 2019 fiscal year budget, which takes aim at geosciences, climate change, and, rather bizarrely, astrophysics.

That’ll also be voted on later this year, but if this latest vote is anything to go by, it’ll be rejected too.

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