Terrifying Viper Has A SPIDER For A Tail!

Omid Mozaffari

What do you get when you cross a spider with a viper? No, this is neither the setup for an awful pun-based joke, nor is it the unveiling of a horrifying hybrid experiment.

Meet the spider-tailed horned viper (Pseudocerastes urarachnoides), also known as the false horned viper, native to the rugged terrain of western Iran.


Similar to the noisy, rattle-ended tail of the rattlesnake, this snake's spider-like tail lures prey closer. When the prey is within reach, the spider-mimicking snake strikes, killing and devouring its victim.

Check out the video below from Rumoaohepta7 to see a spider-tailed horned viper in action, baiting and consuming an unfortunately inquisitive bird.





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