Whale Unexpectedly Slaps Girl Around The Face

caudal fin of a southern right whale (Eubalaena australis) near Vald├ęs, Chubut, Argentina. Dr Haus
Danielle Andrew 09 Mar 2015, 14:22

We all enjoy sharing a story or two from our holidays, crazy antics or incredible places we visited, but one unsuspecting Canadian came home with a pretty crazy tail to tell - sorry, I mean tale*.

Chelsea Crawford from Nova Scotia was out whale watching with friends in Baja California in Mexico when a group, or pod, of whales began tailing (ha) the boat, the inquisitive animals began playing around near them when an errant fin clouted Chelsea over the head - however she states it didn't seem like an aggressive act: “It’s normal in this area. We were in a lagoon and so they’re very friendly,” she told CTV News. “The whale wasn’t aggressive or anything, and these tours happen all day all the time. The whales are used to it. It was almost like it was playing with us.”

Chelsea was unharmed from the incident, only recieving a small bruise to her shoulder, which considering she got slapped by the back end of such a behemoth, almost seems like a tall tail! 




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