Two Penguins Have Been Caught Taking A "Selfie" In Antarctica

Australian Antarctic Division/YouTube

Okay everyone, break out the adorable faces. We’ve got a pair of penguins here looking at a camera in the Antarctic and it’s just great.

The video was posted online by the Australian Antarctic Division at an emperor penguin rookery (basically a penguin colony) called Auster Rookery. It’s found near Australia’s Mawson research station, one of three settlements Australia manages on Antarctica.

The camera was left by Australian Antarctic expeditioner Eddie Gault on the ice when he visited the rookery. He subsequently caught footage of two of the birds strolling over and posing for a selfie.

These aren’t the first animals to take a selfie with a camera. Perhaps the most infamous is the macaque that sort of took its own image, leading to a rather lengthy copyright claim with the human photographer.

Fortunately, it doesn’t look like there’s any controversy this time around. Just two penguins having a good time. You can check out the video below, and just remember: Aww.


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