This Is Why You Should Always Keep Your Distance From Large Animals

Don't get too close. Jody Tibbitts/Facebook

At Yellowstone National Park, they advise all visitors to keep their distance from large animals, and that’s not just the bears, wolves, or bison. Even for the dozy-looking elks, they say you should keep at least 23 meters (75 feet) away – and for good reason.

A woman enjoying the sights and sounds of Yellowstone got charged by an elk while edging forward to get closer to the beast for a photo opportunity. Jody Tibbitts, a guide at Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris in Yellowstone National Park, managed to capture the moment on camera.

Speaking to ABC News, Jody said: "As entertaining as the video is, it is more of an educational video. Even the most gentle- [and] meek-looking animals are going to be dangerous."

Fortunately, the woman seems unhurt. According to Tibbitts, she tripped and the elk stopped just short of hitting her.

She added: "That elk had just given birth to a calf. I think the only reason she attacked was that she had a calf and she was protecting her young."

"Selfies are the problem. It is really the access to high quality digital photography in everyone's pocket. People are getting more brazen and more selfish, and for these animals, this is their home."



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