This Hilarious Image Of An Aquarium Publicly Shaming A Naughty Penguin Has Gone Viral

National Aquarium of New Zealand

An image of an aquarium shaming a naughty penguin has gone viral, because people find it pretty hilarious. The National Aquarium of New Zealand shared an image on its Facebook page of a monthly information board they have on display.

The display board shows the naughtiest penguin of the month, as well as the good penguin of the month. This month, it was Timmy who was particularly naughty, earning his place on the shame board.


Yep, little Timmy has not only been stealing fish but also pushing other penguins over. Betty, meanwhile, put him to shame with her patient attitude towards meal times.

The image went viral on Facebook and Reddit, prompting the aquarium to post evidence of Timmy's bad behavior. Here he is, attempting to steal from another penguin named Draco.


So it seems Timmy really has earned his title of the naughtiest penguin of the month.

The aquarium released a bit more information about Timmy's background after the massive interest online. They had rescued the little blue penguin – which are also known as "fairy penguins" due to their diminutive size – after he had become injured. Little blue penguins are found in Australia and New Zealand and are the smallest species of penguin.

"We love Timmy, however, he’s a regular offender of stealing fish and pushing other penguins out the way while flicking up sand in the process," they wrote on Facebook.

"Timmy was found injured on a beach in Hawke’s Bay unable to walk. But with treatment and visits from his own chiropractor, he is able to walk again, although a bit wobbly at times. He loves to swim."

Poor Betty, who is an extremely patient and good penguin, hasn't received anywhere near as much interest as Timmy. It would appear the Internet loves a bad boy, especially when that bad boy is a penguin.

If you're lucky enough to live near the aquarium in Napier, you can visit Timmy and Betty in their penguin cove.


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