These Fisherman Found Something Very Unexpected Lurking In A Cod’s Mouth

Andy Warton via Caters Clips/YouTube

Andy Warton got a surprising two-for-one-deal when he was fishing around Melville Island in Australia’s Northern Territory.

“This is a cod and it’s got a snake in its mouth…. He’s just eaten it! Ain’t that incredible,” you can hear the person say from behind the camera in their video posted to YouTube by Caters Clips.

After removing the lure and plucking the snake from the cod's mouth, they released the fish back into the waters and it appeared to swim off. The snake might not look in the best of shape, but Warton told The Mirror that the snake was still alive.

He added: "I've seen crocodiles eat pigs and eagles, I've had big barramundi stolen by sharks, but up until this experience, I've never seen a fish with a fresh snake in its belly.”




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