Self-Sustaining Urban Ecosystem Discovered In Abandoned Building In Thailand

Jesse Rockwell. The sign on the gate reads “strictly no entrance beyond this point”

Thailand’s capital is a vibrant city full of surprises, and this abandoned shopping mall in old town Bangkok is certainly no exception. Tucked away behind an unassuming looking gate is New World shopping mall which burned down back in 1999. Because it doesn’t have a roof anymore, the basement is flooded all year round.

At some stage, a person started introducing Koi and Catfish into the basement. The population thrived and now this abandoned building has transitioned into a self-sustained, urban aquarium!

Photographer and professional cook Jesse Rockwell was lucky enough to find out where this hidden gem lies and took some snaps of it, it's pretty cool. 

Jesse Rockwell

Jesse Rockwell

Jesse Rockwell

[Via A Taste Of The Road]


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