Scientists Film Rare Sperm Whale Encounter 600 Meters Below The Gulf Of Mexico

Shane Gross/ Shutterstock

During a recent scientific expedition off the coast of Louisiana, researchers with were paid a surprise visit by a very welcome guest: a magnificent and humongous sperm whale.

The researchers from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and Texas A&M were monitoring natural hydrocarbon seeps (bubble plumes) in the water column when the mighty predator swam into view. They were lucky enough to have had their vessel’s remote operating vehicle (ROV), Hercules, at the ready to capture the incredible moment. Encounters such as these are extremely rare due to the sheer depths that these animals can cruise at, combined with the fact that they tend to be pretty reclusive animals.

The researchers are from the same team that found the siphonophore last year. For more information, check out Nautilus Live, where they are streaming their exploration 24/7 for the next six months.

To view the surprise sperm whale encounter, watch below:


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