Scientists Are Looking For The Owner Of A USB Stick That Was Eaten By A Leopard Seal

Is this the self-satisfied smile of a leopard seal that just pooped out a USB stick? Certainly one did in New Zealand, and it still works. Joshua Daniel/Shutterstock

If you recognize the kayak, or maybe the sea lion video, NIWA is happy to return your stick, but with one proviso – they want you to get them another leopard seal scat, which might be hard if the images were taken on a once-in-a-lifetime visit to New Zealand.

Since NIWA tweeted the tale on Tuesday, New Zealand time, many people have come forward claiming the stick is their's. Hupman told IFLScience NIWA are sorting through the responses and hope to confirm the true owener soon.

Meanwhile, the Internet has not let the opportunity to go waste. 






Plenty of people are seeking to know the brand, since its resilience is now beyond question. Hupman said the program are reaching out to the manufacturers to discuss sponsorship, and are keeping it secret until then.

Our favorite, however, was one individual who adapted Sting's classic.


Even if it is not your USB, NIWA would love it if you could keep an eye out for leopard seals, and report (preferably with photographs) any sitings. Scats, which they describe as “good as gold” for researchers, if a bit more smelly, are even better, but they encourage collectors to keep a safe distance.

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