Planet Earth II Releases New Footage Of The Epic Baby Iguana-Snake Showdown

The first episode of the BBC's gorgeous new wildlife series Planet Earth II featured a truly incredible baby iguana versus snake chase scene from the Fernandina Island in the Galapagos. Along with showcasing our gloriously crazy natural world, it featured some mindblowing camera work, beautiful music by Hans Zimmer, and some utterly terrifying snakes. Understandably, a lot of people were blown away by the footage.

BBC Earth Unplugged has now released extended footage of the chase, revealing some new camera angles and a bit of insight into how they managed to film it all.

As the video explains, this was the first time this natural phenomenon was ever captured on film. Elizabeth White, producer of the episode, told a press conference before the documentary release: "We were standing on the beach a few days after arriving and we'd seen a couple of hatchlings. We were watching as a hatchling popped his head out of the sand and it ran towards the rocks and we all turned – the rocks were 20 meters [65 feet] away – and the wall just turned into a wall of snakes. And the cameraman started filming." 

Truly awesome stuff. But, as with the original clips, be prepared to be both amazed and very, very anxious.


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