Meet Zuul, Destroyer Of Shins, A Dinosaur Named After The Baddie From Ghostbusters

Artist's impression of Zuul Crurivastator, a 75 million-year-old dinosaur named after the demigod from Ghostbusters. Royal Ontario Museum

Although Zuul's head and tail have been removed and prepared by Arbour and her colleagues, the parts in between are still encased in a 15-tonne (17-ton) rock, and will take years to extract. The survival of soft tissue makes this a particularly important and delicate task, since there is a possibility of extracting proteins and organic molecules from what has survived, something that would transform our knowledge of ankylosaurs.

The preservation of skin, soft tissues, and keratin spikes sets this fossil apart as much as its cool name. Royal Ontario Museum

 The Royal Ontario Museum has gone to great efforts to promote their discovery, including offering the video below and the opportunity online to perform a headspin with Zuul's skull worthy of The Exorcist. Those in Toronto will have the opportunity to view the real thing.

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