Man Jumps Into Tiger Enclosure In Chinese Zoo

Tigers are notoriously known for being poor conversationalists. encikat/Shutterstock
Robin Andrews 22 Dec 2015, 17:23

There’s madness, and then there’s this: A 40-year-old man has attempted to jump into a tiger enclosure in a zoo in China’s Henan Province. Dramatic footage shows the man leaping from his chairlift down towards the tigers before being stopped in his tracks by the safety net, as reported by Sky News.



Apparently, he was so overcome with excitement while drifting above the dangerous felines that he simply had to throw himself down towards them. Tigers immediately began to circle below the safety net, curious about the sudden arrival of their new visitor. The tigers were quickly locked away in a separate enclosure, and a zoo worker managed to pull the man to safety.

Although his intentions remain confusing, the man ultimately came out of the ordeal somewhat disappointed, but not for the reason you might expect. Was he sad that he didn’t get to meet and greet the tigers? Nope, he reportedly said that he was concerned that he didn’t do a good enough somersault.

The failed acrobat completely baffled zoo keeper Wang Jianluo, who said, “after hearing that, I don’t know what to say to him,” according to the Metro.

The thrill seeker has since been arrested for disturbing public order.


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