Is It A Bad Idea To Give Your Cats Brain Freeze?

Oh my GOD what is HAPPENING? Ekaterina Kolomeets
Robin Andrews 13 Jul 2016, 19:32

Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most popular scientific mysteries of 2015, a question that millions of people from all walks of life were desperate to answer, was: Why are cats so afraid of cucumbers? Although this question was never definitively answered, and the debate still rages online, another query has arisen that threatens to take its feline crown. So, ladies and gentlemen of the Web, is it dangerous to give cats brain freeze?

As ever, this question arose from the acts of maverick pet owners, recorded for the delight of the denizens of the Internet. Whether it’s ingesting a Slurpee or licking too much ice cream, cats of all kinds seem to have the same open-jawed, wide-eyed reactions to eating a little too much too quickly.

Mirroring what occurred during the peak of the cat-cucumber wars, several are wondering if it’s dangerous to induce small amounts of pain to their fluffy feline companions – in this case, physical pain instead of psychological trauma. Whereas with the cucumbers, many claimed that the small shock of a stealthy vegetable suddenly appearing was no more frightening that when cats play fight and ambush each other. But what about brain freeze?

A classic example of the genre. Napo TV via YouTube

“It’s pretty unhealthy for the cat,” Amy Cousino, veterinarian and owner of the Cat’s Meow Cat Clinic in Sebastian, Florida, told the Washington Post. “Cats have very similar nervous pathways [to humans].”

Conversely, Eric Doughtery, another veterinarian and medical director for The Cat Practice in New York, notes that “there hasn’t been much research on feline brain freeze,” adding that he “can’t imagine that [brain freeze] would be different in cats” than it is to humans. His main concern is that lactose intolerant cats may experience prolific diarrhea if they are fed too many sweet, dairy-based treats.

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