Hypnotic Time-Lapse Videos Showcase The Seldom Seen Movements of Nature

Screenshot from Blooming Flowers — a YouTube video posted by Johnny Jabbour
Kristy Hamilton 27 Apr 2015, 10:11

Time ticks in different ways for Mother Nature’s assortment of creatures and plants. And often life moves in a motion too slow for our eyes to capture. Although we can stare at a tree, we will not notice the roots burrow deep within the soil or the trunk widen with age. 

But time-lapse and slow-motion technology can provide a glimpse into a world seldom seen. These videos do just that: They show how a drop of rain pops a lizard off a brown leaf for a momentary second in time, how bell-shaped mushrooms rocket toward the sky and spread their lacy “skirts,” and how luscious green plants unfurl under the sun’s warm rays. 

Below, indulge in the slow moments of life, the ones seldom seen:


Spring Awakening by Artur Homan



Life Cycle, Rose of Jericho by Neil Bromhall



Blooming Flowers, posted by Johnny Jabbour



Fly Agaric Timelapse by Neil Bromhall



Cool Nature Video [Edited By Roen Horn]



Earth Cordyceps Fungus Timelapse by BBC Planet Earth



For more magnificent time-lapse and slow-motion videos, check out io9.


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