Fisherman Captures Moment Giant Octopus Escapes Through 2-Inch Hole In Ship

Chance Miller - Miller's Landing - /

No doubt you'll have heard that octopuses are intelligent creatures, capable of escaping tricky situations, but it really has to be seen to be believed. 

"While on a fishing charter for Halibut, Salmon, Rock Fish and Ling Cod, we brought up a Giant Pacific Octopus holding on to the bait while fishing with large circle hooks. I pulled the octopus on board, and let him find his own way off - this has been done many times, though sometimes they are kept, I prefer to let them go. This is the first time I filmed it. Instead of crawling over the gunnel, the octopus decided to slip through the scupper, which is shielded on the outside, and about a 2-inch gap. The octopus was probably 6 feet or more from arm to arm, and they can squeeze through anything larger than their beak, the only 'bone' in their body." - Chance Miller


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