#FieldworkFail Reveals The Hilarious Perils Of Science

Skillfully applied thousand dollar satellite tag to manta ray. The same manta ray I tagged yesterday #fieldworkfail. @AlistairDove/Twitter.

With one Twitter hashtag, the embarrassing underbelly of science has been revealed. No, not fraud: scientists are messing up when they leave the safety of their desks. The hashtag #fieldworkfail is trending as researchers report all of their most embarrassing moments, along with a few that totally weren't their fault, but are still pretty funny.

The hashtag has been around for several years, but late last week something caused it to take off, and now the stories are pouring out.

If you have a spare few hours you could do worse than reading the whole thing, but warning, by the time you are done, there will be plenty more. Alternatively, here are a few of our favorites.




Then again, hasn't everyone?

Animals seem to be a common theme, reminding us of WC Fields' advice about not working with them or children. Sadly that is not an option for zoologists.



However, there are also some mistakes to which all of us can relate...



Sometimes fieldwork fails can carry a heavy price for science.



Sometimes the problem IS the field.



And sometimes the problem is that your field is just not remote enough.



Some stories are metaphors for life.



One researcher even managed to combine the new hashtag with one we've covered before.



And then there are the things that are really just no one's fault.



And sometimes the conversation is as good as the original tweet.




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