Bizarre Fish Monsters Are Raining Down From The Sky In Alaska

He's looking at you, kid / Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Alaska is often portrayed as a tranquil, snow-kissed landscape—but not when fish monsters are raining down from the sky.

These “fish monsters” are actually Arctic lampreys (Lethenteron camtschaticum). As a parasitic fish, it feeds by attaching its jawless maw onto another fish and feeding off the poor host’s body. But its opportunistic ways aren’t the scariest part of the Arctic lamprey. The fish also has what appears to be a human eye suspended within its disk-like jaws. It's definitely not a human eye, but it does look suspiciously like one.

There have been reports of these creatures raining down from the sky, landing on gardens, streets, cars and unsuspecting passersby.

However, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game has reasonably speculated that the fishy onslaught is due to gulls losing hold of their live lamprey meals and dropping their still-wriggling bodies onto the ground.

[H/T New York Magazine]


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