Facebook Banned This Perfectly Innocent Photo Of A Puppy, For Obvious Reasons

Facebook has some pretty strict guidelines when it comes to what they allow on their site. They'll allow man nipples, but won't allow any sexually suggestive content, for instance. They'll allow fake news to spread like wildfire, but they won't tolerate even the merest hint of a female nipple, breastfeeding included.

Unfortunately, sometimes their "no nudity" policy can lead to a few wrong decisions when their image-recognition software decides to be over cautious.

One dog owner found this out last week, after posting a photo of his cute little puppy. He held it in his hand, for scale.

Unfortunately, the algorithm, after someone reported the post, appears to have mistaken the Mexican Hairless puppy – or Xoloitzcuintli – for a penis, earning the picture an instant ban from the social network.

It was so penisy, he received the standard notification reserved for obscene posts: 

"We've hidden this post because it doesn't follow our community standards. It'll be deleted from Facebook soon."

The picture has since been put back up. 



The post was reported by another user of a group for animal lovers, because, in fairness, it really does look like a penis.

“I got a notification saying it had been blocked a few minutes after I posted it to the group," Nikki told the Mirror. "It’s really hard for me to see the penis perspective because when I look at it I always just see the puppy."

Screenshots of the post have gone viral on Twitter as well as Facebook, with many other people convinced at first that they were looking at a penis, not a puppy.


Even Twitter censored the pic.


The puppy is now a minor Twitter celebrity.


This isn't the only hairless animal Facebook mixup this year.

Last month, this hairless wombat baby was mistaken for a human baby, with one Facebook user commenting "OMG Congratulations! He's beautiful x I miss you so much", before realizing "FACK I DIDN'T LOOK PROPERLy I THOUGHT YOUD HAD YOUR BABY I'M SO SORRY OMG".


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