Step Aside Shower Rat, The Internet Has A New Favorite Animal Superstar

Step aside, shower rat, the Internet has a new animal superstar.

A crayfish has become an overnight Internet sensation after recreating the entire Danny Boyle movie 127 Hours in one 20-second clip.

Footage shared on Weibo (and later Facebook) shows a crayfish in a restaurant in China, the BBC reports. The poor creature is about to be boiled alive in a spicy soup. Inside the soup, you can see several other crayfish who have suffered his possible fate.

But before that can take place, the crayfish takes the drastic step of cutting its own arm off before legging it away from the sauce.


People reacting to the video were of course distressed by the poor creature's situation.

"Hate seeing living creatures struggling," one upset man wrote on Facebook. "This is so cruel...this crayfish may not add much to the world apart from being food.. but it has feelings and is entitled to live too... so sad."

However, a lot of other people have noticed the parallels with the movie 127 Hours, in which James Franco's character cuts off his own arm in order to escape a rock he is trapped under, and ultimately survive.


Just like 127 Hours (SPOILER ALERT), there is a happy ending for the crayfish.

After seeing how desperate the crayfish was to survive, the critter was allowed to live. Weibo user Juike, who posted the clip, said that he adopted the crayfish as a pet, rather than insist somebody grab the crayfish and throw it back in the pot with its friends.

“I let him live," Juike posted. "I already took him home and am raising him in an aquarium."

Diners, on the other hand, had a slightly less happy ending, having been forced to eat a slightly less delicious soup.


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