Meet Bowie the penguin. He probably isn't as gifted a singer as the real deal. Cincinnati Zoo via Twitter
Robin Andrews 13 Jan 2016, 21:06

The world is still mourning the loss of one of the planet’s most influential musicians, David Bowie. His name will certainly live on in his music, but thanks to a zoo in the United States, his name will persist in a slightly different way. Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio has just seen the birth of a 57-gram (2-ounce) baby penguin, and it has decided to name it “Bowie,” according to TIME magazine.

Bowie the 3-day-old little penguin is doing fine in the Zoo's nursery. He was born on Friday, David Bowie's birthday,...

Posted by Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden on Monday, January 11, 2016

Hatched on January 8, the musician's 69th birthday, the little critter was named before the man himself died, meaning that this tribute has taken on an unintended somberness. This fairy penguin, which is the smallest penguin species, is getting a top-quality musical education: The singer’s complete discography is being played as they hand-feed it every three hours.

At present, it’s not certain whether Bowie the penguin is male or female; zookeepers will run blood tests soon to solve this minor mystery. 


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