Cats Are Living Longer And Healthier Lives Than Ever Before

Taking over the world, one cat at a time. zossia/Shutterstock
Robin Andrews 07 Jul 2016, 17:05

People tend to have one of two very different opinions of cats. Some of us consider them to be furry, strange, independently-minded feline companions who, according to one study, have a basic understanding of the laws of physics. Others think that they are thoroughly rude and comprehensively violent – miniature lions that masquerade as pets.

If you’re a member of the latter group, then the latest scientific advancement in the world of cats may come as bad news to you. According to a study in the incredibly specific Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery, just as improved diet and medical care have lengthened the lifespans of humans, advances in nutrition and veterinary care has dramatically increased the lifespans of cats. In the US alone, 20 percent of pet cats these days are 11 years of age or older, something that was unheard of half a century ago.

Nowadays, cats reach the so-called “geriatric” life stage at the age of 15, but it is increasingly normal for them to live into their late teens and even into their early twenties. The cat equivalent of a human centenarian is one that has reached the age of 21.  

The question, of course, is whether or not these more aged cats are growing old healthily. A team of researchers and veterinary experts from Cornell University, North Carolina State University, and a range of pet nutrition groups decided to find out, and they scoured through reams of studies in order to produce a comprehensive review paper on the subject.

“As our senior pet population continues to expand, we have a responsibility within the veterinary scientific community to invest in research that can contribute to improved nutrition, health care and quality of life for our aging feline patients,” the authors write in an accompanying editorial.

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