Can You Spot The Snakes Hiding In These Photographs?

A key part of staying alive in Australia is being able to spot the many deadly animals hanging around in the foliage, shoes, or toilets, waiting for their moment to strike. Let your guard down for even a second in this country and you could find yourself being fought over by several snakes, a needlessly venomous spider, and maybe even a grumpy wombat.

Ok, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but it is useful to be able to spot snakes, given there are plenty of them out there in the bush that you should be cautious of. Unfortunately, just as animals have adapted to be able to spot predators, they too have adapted to blend in with their environment.

Take for example these snakes hidden in plain sight. We'll start you off easy with this eastern brown snake, photographed by Brisbane Snake Catchers.

Try to be quick, they're fairly venomous. Brisbane Snake Catchers / Facebook.

Did you spot it? Take a longer look at the lower left-hand corner. If you really stare at it, you'll eventually see a little face. The snakes are highly venomous, with a bite that can cause convulsions, cardiac arrest, and death if that helps motivate you.

Ah, there it is. Brisbane Snake Catchers / Facebook.

OK, now to really challenge you. Can you spot the copperhead snake in this photograph from 2017 that's been doing the rounds again?


If you can spot it, you've beaten us. Even with an outline, it's still pretty difficult.


Here is a close-up.


Be warned, you wouldn't normally get these helpful squiggle lines in the wild.



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