Brand New T. Rex Fossil Is One Of The "Most Significant Specimens" Ever Found

Another T. rex skull on display. Marques/Shutterstock

Although this particular species is inarguably the most iconic and instantly recognizable dinosaur, fossils of it are actually quite rare compared to many other types of dinosaur. However, it’s still more commonly found than some other predators, including the fairly mysterious Abelisaurus, a South American bipedal hunter that would have rivaled the T. rex in both size, speed, and ferocity.

In any case, each and every fossil find produces at least one new scientific revelation about the world’s most famous dinosaur. Jack Horner, the second co-founder for HCP and a world-renowned paleontologist who was the original scientific advisor for Jurassic Park, noted in the statement that this new find is “definitely one of the most significant specimens yet found,” adding that “because of its size, it is sure to yield important information about the growth and possible eating habits of these magnificent animals.”

This particular T. rex would have co-existed with another terrifying predator – the Dakotaraptor. Just recently, this newly discovered type of feathered agile assassin was also found in the Hell Creek Formation, and would have pounced on its prey at incredible speeds with its 19 centimeter-long (7.5-inch) killing claw. At 5 meters (16.4 feet) in length, it wouldn’t have been a match for any adult T. rex patrolling the area, but it could have competed for prey with any juveniles.

As fearsome as these dinosaurs were, they did suffer from one particular problem that makes them a little less scary. Their immense height, combined with their silly, small arms, meant that if they ever fell over, they’d never be able to catch themselves and would likely break their own head from the faceplant.

One of its serrated teeth. Tom Wolken/Burke Museum/University of Washington

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