Beachgoers Stumble Across Beached Great White Shark

A large great white shark washed up on the shores of Cape Cod. Wellfleet Police Department
Danielle Andrew 08 Sep 2015, 16:05

A video circulated the web recently of a juvenile great white shark stranded on a beach in Massachusetts. Local beachgoers were able to save the beached animal by continuously tipping water over it to avoid its skin drying out. The story concluded with a happy ending as the shark was pulled back into the water and eventually swam away.



There was a similar event recently at White Crest Beach in Cape Cod, but this time it was an adult great white between 3.4 and 4.3 meters (11 and 14 feet) long.

Image credit: Wellfleet Police Department

Local law enforcement said they believed the shark was either sick or injured when it washed ashore, but that didn’t stop a large group of beachgoers in their attempt to save it. Whilst keeping it wet with water from sandcastle buckets, they created a rivet in the sand via which they pulled the animal back to the water.

Image credit: Wellfleet Police Department

Unfortunately, despite the brave efforts of the rescuers (getting that close to a great white must take some courage!), the shark reportedly died later that day.

So it may not have been a happy ending for this particular shark, but the keenness of people to help these incredible animals is a significant sign that attitudes towards these magnificent creatures may finally be changing.

Check out the footage here.




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