Baby Elephant Reunited With Mother Years After Being Kidnapped

Facebook / Lek Chailert

A mother and her baby elephant were reunited after years apart, according to Lek Chailert, the founder of Elephant Heaven Nature Park in Chiang Mai province, Northern Thailand. Chailert was named one of six Women Heroes of Global Conservation by Hillary Clinton in 2010.

Me-Bai, the baby elephant, was taken in 2011 when she was 3 years old and sold into the tourism industry to give tourists rides. She did this for more than three and half years until the stress made her weak and the owners let her go. 

The workers and volunteers undertook a 100 kilometer (62 mile) journey by foot to reunite the young elephant with her mother. Watch the video of their meeting below:

To follow the mother-daughter duo, you can check for updates here.


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