Another Dolphin Killed By Morons Dragging It From Sea To Take Photographs


Once again, social media fiends and overbearing tourists appear to have killed a dolphin in Argentina.

This event closely mimics scenes from Argentina last year, when a group of people paraded a tiny dolphin onto a beach while tourists snapped away on their smartphones.

In seemingly new footage (below), beachgoers from San Bernardo, Buenos Aires, are seen petting the young dolphin that they took out of the sea to take photos with, as reported by the Spanish-language newspaper La Capital last week.

"He was young and came to the shore," one witness told Argentinian news channel C5N. "They could have returned him to the sea, as it was still breathing, but they all began to take pictures and touch. However, they said that he was already dead."

As tempting as those "likes" may seem, save the selfies for your mirror and keep the wildlife where it belongs.


[H/T: National Geographic]


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