Amazing Footage Of Great White Sticking Its Nose In A Shark Cage

*BOOP* Stefan Pircher/Shutterstock

Divers off the coast of Guadalupe Island on the western coast of Mexico have captured amazing footage of a great white shark nosing its way into a shark cage – while the filmers are in it.

It might have been wondering what all these strange swinging boxes were doing in its patch of water, but most likely it surged upwards to eat the bait offered by one of the boats and on its downward trajectory booped the cage with its snout.

It's probably a toss up between who was most surprised, man or beast. Either way, the divers are incredibly lucky to have had an up close and personal experience with such a fascinating creature.

As we at IFLScience like to remind everyone, sharks are amazing creatures. They’ve been around longer than trees on this planet and deserve some respect. Statistically, you are more likely to die from falling out of bed, a kitchen appliance, or your friendly neighborhood gun-owner than a shark. Just sayin'.


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