7 Things You're Doing That Are Making Your Cat Secretly Hate You

Your cat is judging you. REUTERS/Thomas Peter

Your cat secretly hates when you meow at them.

They don't wanna hear it.Ismail Sadiron/Shutterstock

Cats meow solely to communicate with humans, not with each other, but they don't expect us to do it back. According to National Geographic, cats “vocalize to get our attention.” Whether it's a need for food, water, fresh litter, to play, or even for cuddles, there's a variety of meows they'll use just to get our attention.

According to Dr. Gary Weitzman, president and CEO of the San Diego Humane Society and the SPCA, when we meow back and forth with our cats, “It's really just a bonding experience.” He goes on to say that while it's typically a positive interaction, they don't know the specifics of what we may be asking of them, or what we're trying to relay to them.

Your cat not-so-secretly hates when you dress them up.

This seems like a given.Shutterstock

If the squirming and fighting back against you as you try to put them in clothing didn't give it away, this statement will: most cats don't like to play dress up.

According to Wide Open Pets, cats don't like having something against their fur, mostly because they don't need it, but also because it's uncomfortable and restrictive. If your cat doesn't mind being put in sweaters and hats, or you simply must dress them up for some reason, be sure that they can still move around comfortably and use the bathroom.

To be safe, skip trying to put your cat in cute little outfits because they secretly hate it.

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