Blimey. Star Wars via YouTube

Destroying a Galaxy

Okay. Let’s say the Empire goes completely insane, finds nihilism attractive, and wants to take out the entire Star Wars galaxy. Let’s assume it has at least as many stars in it as the Milky Way, which is anywhere from 100 to 400 billion.

In order to take out, say, 250 billion stars – which we will assume are all like our Sun – then that would take 5.7 x 1051 joules.

One “standard” supernova releases around 1 x 1044 joules, so if the Death Star took out the entire Milky Way, it would need to be powered by around 57.3 million supernovae. Ouch.

Good thing that Jyn Erso and co. managed to steal those Death Star plans, eh?

Someone's not happy. Star Wars via YouTube

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