Enormous Hidden Void Discovered Within The Great Pyramid Of Giza Using Cosmic Ray Particles

The pyramids are only getting stranger and more mysterious over time. unterwegs/Shutterstock

Robin Andrews 02 Nov 2017, 12:00

The team explain that the ambiguity of the void will linger for some time. The point of this project is to investigate the Great Pyramid using non-invasive, non-destructive means – it’s up to others to work out the best way to get into the void, and it won’t be easy.

“It’s located in a place which is very difficult to access,” Tayoubi added. “If an exploration is imagined, it will be from below – but it’s not our responsibility to make these kinds of discussions.”

“We have asked specialists in robotics and artificial intelligence to think about a new, innovative robot that can sneak through a small hole [to explore the new void].”

The Great Pyramid of Giza is shrouded in enigmas, from its construction method to its architectural skeleton. This new find adds to that pile of conundrums, and raises more questions than answers.

The only person that arguably knew all of the secrets of the pyramid was Khufu himself, who was later named Cheops by the Greeks. Ruling during the 26th century BCE, a lot of his life was written about by those that lived 2,000 years later, and the only surviving portrait of him comes from a small ivory figurine discovered in 1903.

Like his colossal creation, almost everything about him remains a complete mystery – for the time being.

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