Cymatics: When Science And Music Dance

Roger McLassus CC BY-SA 3.0
Danielle Andrew 01 Feb 2015, 15:04

When you weave science and music together, what happens?

Only some of the most mind blowing, jaw dropping visuals you’ll ever see.

Derived from the Greek word “wave”, Cymatics is defined by as revealing “a strange and beautiful symmetry at work in nature.” Commonly described as” visible sound”, it is a branch of modal phenomena originally created by Swiss doctor Hans Jenny.

Cymatics is achieved by vibrating a plate that is covered in a thin film of a medium, for example sand, water or iron fillings, by placing a frequency though it, commonly using tones or music. We can then observe the different frequencies displacing the medium, creating intricately stunning patterns or shapes.

Check out this unbelievable video by Nigel Stanford and his crew, demonstrating the incredible application of Cymatics



If you're interested in learning more, check out this TED talk



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