Move Over, Matchbox: There's A DIY Self-Driving Car For Kids

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Boy playing with toy car


Children’s toy cars have come a long way. While those classic Matchbox cars and more modern remote-controlled wheels might still be popular, there’s a new, techie variety staking its claim on the shelves. It’s inventive, encourages creativity, and, best of all, provides a lesson in applied science. 


The DIY Autonomous Vehicle Kit is essentially a playful yet educational science lesson. Perfect for ages 8 to 13, this kit gives kids a chance to build something they’ll be proud of while they learn about technology, robotics, and artificial intelligence – as well as how those things can affect our everyday lives. 

Kids will be excited to dive right into this creative project, which they must build up from scratch. They’ll tap their critical thinking skills as they put the car together step by step, piece by piece. Adding a little imagination to the instructions, their very own autonomous vehicles will come to life before their eyes.  

Now comes the wow-factor. Kids will be captivated once they put the car into driving mode, seeing the technology in motion. They’ll be fascinated by the concept of self-driving car technology – something that will likely affect their lives sooner than later. Fast forward a few years and don’t be surprised if your kids school you on exactly what’s powering the air taxi you're riding in. 

Cue hours of entertainment, for kids and parents alike. While this is a great toy for keeping children amused for hours on end, it also presents a great opportunity to work on something as a family. Build and bond as you empower your kids to experience the magic (and science) of artificial intelligence.


Finding educational toys that kids actually love to play with can be tough. While DIY Autonomous Vehicle Kit is more of a science fair project than a plaything, it’ll likely boot out their current favorite toy, fast.

Right now, you can get the DIY Autonomous Vehicle Kit at $234.99, down 5% from the original MSRP.

Prices subject to change.