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If you’re sitting at your desk at work right now, there's a good chance you’re feeling underappreciated. Of course, there are many reasons why an employee might feel a company isn’t feeding into their personal satisfaction, but you’d be amazed at how little it can take to change that impression. It often boils down to just two words: thank you.

And it turns out, expressing gratitude, often in the form of a simple thank you, doesn’t just make the receiver feel better. In a survey commissioned by Motivosity, they found it helps over 60 percent of those giving that thanks to feel more satisfaction about themselves and their lives.


The stats don’t lie. Workers want to feel heard and understood by their company and its managers. By instituting the Motivosity employee engagement platform into their workplace, organizations can show genuine commitment to helping each member of its team feel respected, happy, and productive.

The Motivosity approach makes outreach a priority, offering ways for workforce members to stand out, connect, and feel included with coworkers and the company, all at once.

Motivosity’s holistic view of workplace culture starts with an in-house social media hub, engaging workers to create profiles, highlight their affiliations and interests, then engage with other employees about their common ties. 

That not only gives workers the chance to get to know each other but also offers public recognition opportunities when one of their teammates nails a work project, goes above and beyond, or simply elevates the office’s mood with their personality. Want to make that thanks truly special? Motivosity also makes it easy to contribute towards a gift card to hundreds of major retailers for that respected colleague.


Of course, work isn’t just about the feels. It’s also about performance. With the Motivosity tools, managers can foster deeper connections with their employees. The platform makes it easy to set up recurring one-on-one meetings, collaborate around work initiatives, and establish shared goals, so there’s less ambiguity and more transparency in office workflows.

Finally, Motivosity gives employees a direct conduit to report to management on how well they feel an organization is doing. Through customizable surveys, tracking, and other data-centric metrics, Motivosity gathers empirical data on how workers feel about the company and its actions. With that knowledge, managers can address those concerns directly to ensure more profound employee satisfaction and, hopefully, better results and higher worker retention.

With about 95 percent of a company’s employees taking part in new Motivosity arenas, these initiatives are making an impact, with more than half of workers reporting higher satisfaction with Motivosity’s features in place.

“I like having a quick and simple way to tell the people I work with that I appreciate the things they do on my behalf,” James said in his five-star Motivosity review on the business software site G2. “It makes them more likely to be similarly helpful in the future now that they know I appreciate their efforts.”


For a look at everything Motivosity has to offer, companies can request a demo of all of their services and see firsthand what top-notch employee outreach can do for business.

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