Master The PIC Microcontroller With This $50 Training Bundle

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We never really see them, but circuits power so many of our everyday activities. They do everything from switching on our lights and timers to controlling factory production lines. When you consider this, the thought of creating your own electronic circuits like programmable interface controllers (PIC) microcontrollers becomes very appealing. Just think of the cool creations you could bring to life, like your own motion detector or a secure garage door controller. These days, you can even print a circuit on your skin!  


Grab a great deal on The PIC Microcontroller Engineering Projects Bundle and kick your skill-set into gear. Among the 13 included courses is a 4.6-star class with relevant, real life projects you’ll put together yourself. See the PIC microcontroller in action and learn to build your own, including how to ensure your circuits are functioning properly. Learn about the tools you need to achieve success and get a solid foundation in the makings of a great microcontroller project. 

You’ll have the opportunity to take a 4.5-star class on real-time simulation of PIC microcontroller using different boards and schematics. Save time and money by testing your codes sans-risk of burning your board. Another 4.2-star training centers on motion detector mechanics, with insights on how to interface them with a microcontroller to programming the system to become a fire alarm.  

This comprehensive course pack includes lessons comparing the PIC Microcontroller PIC164550, Arduino Uno R3 and Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, giving you all the info you need to differentiate between their impressive capabilities. You’ll even learn how to create your own PIC microcontroller USB-enabled training board, similar to the Arduino board. 

Don’t miss your chance to master the PIC microcontroller for under $50. Right now, you can get The PIC Microcontroller Engineering Projects Bundle for $49.99, down 96% from the original MSRP.


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