Master The Most-Used Open Source Operating System And More For Under $20

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If you know your way around Linux, you’ll know that's it's the most-used open-source OS out there. Its source code is easily available, secure, lightweight, free, stable — the list goes on. Combine it with other leading interface options like Bash Shell, SSH, Putty, Git and YAML, and you’ve got a recipe for success. But what if you don't know these skills yet? 


Sure, mastering Linux is a must, but combining it with knowledge of other terminal applications, data serialization languages and more will take you from an average programmer to a leading software engineer. That’s why we are offering you the opportunity to boost your engineering comprehension for less than $20. That’s right, for $19 you can score the eight-course Mastering Linux and Git Certification Bundle. 

With 400 lessons spread across 34 hours of content, you'll learn how to master Linux Command Line to create your own AWS Linux EC2 instance, learn shell scripting via a proven step-by-step systematic approach, gain in-depth knowledge on how to become an SSH power user, master puTTY for beginners and much more. Once you're ready to work in a team environment, the three Git courses will show you the basics of Git and GitHub, including using Stash and Rebase to improve efficiency.

Each course comes with lifetime access, so you can cover courses at your own pace and revisit material whenever necessary. Learning online creates an open and engaging environment that will put you in charge of your learning speed and mastery.

Up your productivity and expand your knowledge of the technical world with this must-have training bundle. Right now, you can grab the  Mastering Linux and Git Certification Bundle for $19, or under $2.50 per course.


Prices subject to change.