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From the medical field and education to marketing and customer experience, machine learning has permeated the way our world works. Its relevance across industries has made this a lucrative career path, and jobs have jumped nearly 75% over the past handful of years. Poised to keep growing, now is an ideal time to join the machine learning workforce. 

If you’re ready to get started, dive right in with The Machine Learning Mastery eBook Bundle. The top-rated bundle includes 10 eBooks from Packt Publishing, a respected online learning platform used by professional developers. Rest assured that you’re not only learning from the pros, but you’re learning the same material that the machine learning workforce continues to reference. 


Appropriate for a range of skill levels, the bundle is particularly great for beginners. Case in point: the first couple of books cover the basics, like using the popular Python programming language and delving deep into machine and deep learning techniques. The eBook on TensorFlow is also important, as it has become the top numerical computing library. 

As you move through more advanced concepts and projects in Python, you’ll not only get the fundamentals down but also learn to start creating your own projects. Learn how to build machine learning applications to solve real-world challenges, plus discover how to solve complex machine learning challenges via crucial algorithms. 

This ten-book bundle runs the gamut from intro-level intel to more professional concepts that will prepare you to enter the workforce, not to mention stand apart from colleagues. By the end of the final eBook, you’ll have mastered application-oriented machine learning through an advanced series of masterclasses. You might just become the person that helps prevent those awkward voice-to-text blunders with your new skillset. 

Right now, you can get The Machine Learning Mastery eBook Bundle for $19.99, down 91% from the original MSRP.


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