Master Arduino By Building Real-World Applications For $30

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What if we told you that in just 30 hours, you’d be able to build your own electronic device. In little more than a day, you’d have the knowledge you need to create a unique game, app or even a robot. It’s true: if you dedicated that time to learning Arduino, the popular open-source electronics platform, you’d be good to go.  


Unlock your potential as a creator with The Complete Arduino Course Bundle. The top-rated training bundle is broken down into six project-based courses. Expect hands-on lessons that get you learning and building from day one. All you need is your circuit board and you’re ready to start. 

The first workshop starts with a three-part deep dive into the Arduino platform. Learn about the control statements, various boards, and what goes into running your first program. Once you have a handle on the basics, you’re ready to start creating. Learn how to connect a matrix keypad for getting user input and discover how to program a buzzing module, among other useful lessons. 

Your Arduino education culminates with a task you’ll feel so proud to complete: turn an Arduino project into a complete IoT solution. You get comfortable using Arduino Uno, MySQL Database, and Apache Web Server to create your own web-based data logger.

With the fundamentals down, you’ll be ready to excel at bootcamp. This course breaks down the electronic principles behind each project in Arduino, including the code and wiring components required. Think: you’ll have the skills to make your own app-controlled car, online weather station, and even a wheeled robot that can move toward light sources. It might not be 60 feet tall, but it'll still be pretty awesome. 


Past students called the course load excellent, noting that “the presentations were good and the homework was great.” While the bundle does cover a ton of ground, rest assured that you’ll come away with solid knowledge; one reviewer pointed out that “there is repetition throughout the different courses this helps to solidify what we are learning.” 

Master Arduino by building real-world applications. Right now, you can get The Complete Arduino Course Bundle for $29.99, down 94% from the original MSRP.

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