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Motivisoty is an employee engagement software platform that prioritizes gratitude and connectedness for companies of all sizes.

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Nowadays, we work from all sorts of offices, bedrooms, home offices, airports, and so on. The rotating workplace, in addition to the 24-hour news cycle, social media, streaming platforms, and a wealth of other distractions at virtually everyone’s disposal, all amount to a lot of distraction and wasted time. In fact, Gallup data shows that only 36 percent of U.S. employees are engaged in their work and the workplace. Alongside that, only 20 percent of workers around the globe report feeling enthusiastic about their job. 

These numbers are challenging for any employer to reckon with, so how can you? One tool at your disposal when combating focus and productivity issues across your company is Motivosity. This modern employment engagement software platform is a game-changer that helps establish a system where your employees feel heard, listened to, and inspired to deliver better results across the board. 


Promoting gratitude and connectedness are keystones of Motivosity’s four-pronged approach, which focuses on connectivity, recognition, leadership, and listening. This platform is all about taking these themes and applying them to proactive measures like reaching out to workers with surveys, analyzing performance, and establishing new systems to generate better energy. Motivosity’s methods are data driven and have inspired better engagement for nearly every one of its users. 

When you sign up for Motivosity or take a free demo, you can try out each of its tools firsthand. For example, in the Listen product, you can use features like eNPS or Pulse Surveys to gauge employees’ states of mind with anonymous results, intuitive dashboards to sift through results, and more. In the Management end of things, you can use tools like Lead to develop functional product training, management training, and summary reports for management-in-training.  

When about 95 percent of a company’s workforce gets involved in a Motivosity program, employee satisfaction numbers increase by over 50 percent. TechRadar wrote, “Motivosity is a worthy entry into online software for employee engagement.” And the platform maintains an impressive 4.8/5 star average rating from nearly 900 reviews on GetApp.  

Interested companies can request a demo and learn how the Motivosity program works firsthand. 


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