Love Drones? Design Your Own with this Cool $30 Kit

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Anyone that’s into flying drones probably already has a couple of awesome ones in their arsenal. From the latest models to the ones with the best cameras, different drones suit different personalities. If you like to get involved in do-it-yourself projects, or would just enjoy designing your very own drone, this awesome kit is your ultimate buy.

Available on sale now, the DIY Building Block Drone by Force Flyers contains everything you need to design your drone and make it as unique as you are. It’s a great activity for STEM development, and enjoyable for kids and adults alike (especially if you work on one together). At just $30, it’s worth every penny for hours of fun. 


Ready to start building? Let’s go. Choose your type of drone and assemble it yourself, piece by piece. The drones all feature digital proportional control, which enables precise flying, even through tight spaces. The flight experience is made even better by the six-axis gyro and auto-flight stabilization technology. 

This cool drone can cruise and reach a maximum range of 246 feet. The 2.4GHz bandwidth means you get long-range control, too. Enjoy 12 minutes of uninterrupted flight time, and when it’s time to bring it home, simply use the USB port to charge your drone back up in preparation for more flying fun. 

There are plenty of things you should not DIY, but this drone is not one of them. What better way to spend warm summer days than flying a drone you built with your own hands? Whether you design yours solo or engage the family in some STEM skill-building, this DIY building block drone guarantees hours of hands-on fun.  

Right now, you can get the DIY Building Block Drone at $29.99, down 25% from the original MSRP.


Prices subject to change.


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